Excel Advanced 2013

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    Course Overview

      This course deals with workbook automation and productivity features. Students learn advanced techniques in areas such as workbook and worksheet consolidation, data validation, lookup and reference functions, PivotTables, linking, Solver and macros. Once students have completed the course they will be able to use Excel 2013’s advanced data analysis tools and automate workbook operations.

      Course Length

    • 1 Day
    • Every Wednesday
    • 10:00am - 5:00pm


    Target Audience

      This course is intended for experienced Microsoft Excel users who wish to extend their knowledge and skills beyond building and formatting simple workbooks

      Participants should have already completed the Excel 2013 Beginner Course and Excel 2013 Intermediate Course before attending this course or have equivalent skills or experience. It is also important to have a general understanding of computers and the Windows operating system.


    Why Choose Us?

    • Small class size which allows trainers to give required attention to each delegate
    • Flexible course schedules (Week Days, Weekend, Evenings) to suit your work and social life
    • Class room based, Tutor Led, hands-on training; giving you real life experience
    • Excellent Modern Facilities
    • Very affordable course fees without compromising on quality
    • All our courses are based on certification or project works
    • All our courses are Practical Based (Hands-on Training)
    • Taught by Certified Trainers
    • Employment Opportunities and Assisting in building your CV
    • Friendly and helpful staff


    Course Content

      Unit 1: Setting Excel Options

      Unit 2: Protecting Data

      Unit 3: Importing and Exporting

      Unit 4: Data Linking

      Unit 5: Grouping and Outlining

      Unit 6: Summarising and Subtotalling

      Unit 7: Data Consolidation

      Unit 8: Data Tables

      Unit 9: Scenarios

      Unit 10: PivotCharts

      Unit 11: PivotTable Features

      Unit 12: Worksheet Tables

      Unit 13: Advanced Filters

      Unit 14: Validating Data

      Unit 15: Information Functions

      Unit 16: Text Functions

      Unit 17: Controls

      Unit 18: Sharing Workbooks

      Unit 19: Recorded Macros

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