Excel VBA Programming

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    Course Overview

      Utilizing an orderly approach, this course indicates how the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) programming dialect can amplify the usefulness of Excel. Understudies will figure out how to compose macros to acknowledge client info, read to and compose from cells, and control information. They will likewise figure out how to compose custom capacities and make client frames. Helpful cases of issues and their answers will be given.

      Course Length: 40 Hours

      Evening Classes

    • Friday and Saturday
    • 6:30pm - 9:30pm
    • 7 weeks
    • Saturday Classes

    • 10:00am - 5:00pm
    • 7 weeks


    Why Choose Us?

    • Small class size which allows trainers to give required attention to each delegate
    • Flexible course schedules (Week Days, Weekend, Evenings) to suit your work and social life
    • Class room based, Tutor Led, hands-on training; giving you real life experience
    • Excellent Modern Facilities
    • Very affordable course fees without compromising on quality
    • All our courses are based on certification or project works
    • All our courses are Practical Based (Hands-on Training)
    • Taught by Certified Trainers
    • Employment Opportunities and Assisting in building your CV
    • Friendly and helpful staff


    Course Content

    Introduction to Excel VBA Programming

    • Understanding Macros
    • The Visual Basic Editor
    • Excel VBA Fundamentals
    • Variables, Data types, and Constants
    • VBA Procedures: Sub routines and functions
    • Decision Making with VBA
    • Repeating Actions in VBA
    • Working with Arrays
    • Working with Collections

    • Manipulating Files & controlling Other Applications with VBA

      • Manipulating Files and Folders with VBA
      • Controlling Other Applications with VBA
      • Using Excel with Microsoft Access

      • Enhancing the User Interface

        • Dialog Boxes and Custom Forms
        • Creating Custom Menus and Toolbars with VBA
        • Event-Driven Programming

        • Working with Local and Remote Databases

          • Exporting Data to Access Databases
          • Importing Data from Access Database
          • Connecting to Oracle / SQL Server databases
          • Reading data from Oracle/SQL Server databases
          • Exporting Excel Data to Remote Databases

          • Debugging, Printing and e-mailling

            • Debugging VBA Procedures and Handling Errors
            • Printing and Sending e-mails

            • Programming Special Features

              • Programming Pivot Tables and PivotCharts
              • Programming Special Features
              • Using and Programming Excel Lists
              • Programming the Visual Basic Editor

              • Excel and Web Technologies

                • HTML Programming and Web Queries
                • Excel and ASP
                • Using Microsoft Office Web Components
                • Using XML with Excel
                • Using and Programming Smart Tags

                • Excel and C# Integration

                  • Writing C# programming to manipulate Excel data
                  • From VBA to C#
                  • The Excel Object Model
                  • Using C# to access Excel
                  • Creating stand-alone Excel applications
                  • COM Add-ins
                  • Worksheet functions and Automation Add-ins
                  • Formulae in C#
                  • Two-way Data Interoperability (NumericMatrix/Range)
                  • Regex library
                  • Using LINQ in C#
                  • Creating WCF Services
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