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    Course Overview

      The CompTIA Network+ affirmation appreciates wide industry acknowledgment and is a profitable qualification for Network Administrators, Network Engineers and Internet Technicians. The affirmation makes aptitude in introducing, designing, and overseeing and keeping up fundamental system framework. The affirmation offers top to bottom introduction to changed parts of IT systems administration including Media and Topologies, Protocols and Standards, Network Implementation and Support.

      Course Length: 60 Hours

      Evening Classes

    • Tuesday and Thursday
    • 6:30pm - 9:30pm
    • 10 weeks
    • Saturday Classes

    • 10:00am - 5:00pm
    • 10 weeks


    Why Choose Us?

    • Small class size which allows trainers to give required attention to each delegate
    • Flexible course schedules (Week Days, Weekend, Evenings) to suit your work and social life
    • Class room based, Tutor Led, hands-on training; giving you real life experience
    • Excellent Modern Facilities
    • Very affordable course fees without compromising on quality
    • All our courses are based on certification or project works
    • All our courses are Practical Based (Hands-on Training)
    • Taught by Certified Trainers
    • Employment Opportunities and Assisting in building your CV
    • Friendly and helpful staff


    Course Content

    Networking Concepts

    • Compare the layers of the OSI and TCP/IP models
    • OSI Model: Physical Layer, Data Link, Network, Transport, Session, Presentation, Application

    • TCP/IP Model

      • Network Interface Layer, Internet Layer, Transport layer, Application Layer

      • Protocols relate to OSI Model

        • MAC, IP, EUI-64, Frames, Packets, Switch, Routher, Hub, Encryption devices, Cable, NIC, Bridge
        • Purpose and Properties of IP Addressing
        • Class A, Class B, Class C and Class D IP address
        • Public vs Private IP Adresses, CIDR, IPv4 and IPv6, MAC Address, Subnetting, Multicast, Unicast, broadcast
        • Routing and Switching
        • TCP and UDP ports
        • Common networking protocols
        • IP Address Formats: IPv6, IPv4, MAC Addressing
        • Use of IP Addressing technologies and addressing schemes
        • Common Routing Protocols IPv4 and IPv6

        • Purpose and Properties of routing

          • IGP vs EGP, Static vs Dynamic, Next Hop, routing tables
          • Wireless communication standards.

          • Network Media and Topologies

            • Standard cable types
            • Connector types
            • Physical Network Topologies
            • Wiring standards
            • WAN technology types
            • LAN technology
            • Comon Logical Network Topoloties
            • Components of wiring distribution

            • Network Devices

              • Common Network Devices
              • Functions of specialized network devices
              • Advanced features of a switch
              • Implement a basic wireless network

              • Network Management

                • Function of each layer of the OSI model
                • Types of configuration management documentation
                • Network monitoring to identify performance and connectivity issues
                • Different methods and rationales for network performance optimization and Troubleshooting
                • Troubleshoot common connectivity issues
                • Command line interface tool
                • Purpose of network scanners

                • Network Tools

                  • Utilize the appropriate hardware tools

                  • Network Security

                    • Hardware and software security devices
                    • Common features of a firewall
                    • Methods of network access security
                    • User Authentication:
                    • Device Security
                    • Common Security threats
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